Ostic Pharma Pvt Ltd is a Startup incubated with SINE (Society for Innovation & Entrepreneurship), IIT Bombay. Ostic Pharma Pvt Ltd is a healthcare company dedicated to promote both Disruptive & Incremental Innovations for the betterment of society. Our premier goal is to develop & provide affordable products, and technologies that improve people’s health & well being, with a special focus on the needs of vulnerable populations.

  • Vision : Our Vision is to create a Healthy World
  • Mission : Promote frugal innovations for unmet need of the society

Key Facts :

  • Ostic at a Glance
  • Developed R & D Lab & Covid-19 diagnostics during pandemic
  • Got ICMR approval and regulatory approval (CDSCO, DCGI)
  • Soon, We are going to expand scaling up facility in Vitro Diagnostic
  • Donated Rapid Covid Diagnostics in Nagaland, Meghalaya and Madhya Pradesh

Employees : Our dedicated team of board members, scientists, executives, HR, administrative, finance & marketing work in harmony work for translating our ideas

Role & Responsibilities : Every member has specific role & responsibilities

Ethical Practice : We motivate everyone to do ethical practice

Diversity and Equity : We make collaborations with different organizations and create a vibrant culture

Impact: Healthy World

Program : Our Projects are running under national and international grants and equity based investment. We work in partnership with health caring people to improve lives under early diagnosis & early treatment / cure

Collaborations : We work in collaboration with Medical Colleges, Institutions, Hospitals, pathology labs, national and international organizations.

Corporate Governance : Our board members coordinate each other to execute policies for the welfare of the organization

Policies –
We have been promoting technology-based innovation to address unmet needs of the society. We are seeking new solutions on healthcare activities to deliver them to as many people. For us, quality maintains for both quality of the products as well quality of each individual process step for developing products. Further, we commit our future customers to provide them with suitable, high-quality products without compromising the quality. Our policies are based on the following four points :
Novel innovations, Product Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Employees
Employees are most valuable asset for our organization. All employees have been chosen for their professional skills, experience and qualities and receive regular training for their continuous professional development. We encourage our employees to think over and work on ideas and translate them as market need.
We also comply with applicable ordinance, legislation, regulations, recommendations and adhere to the ethics of industry bodies. This commitment helps us to the continual improvement of quality of products.
 Further, we are ready to improve profitability, competitiveness through continual improvement in quality of products as per market demand during Covid pandemic.


Research & Development : We collaborate for novel innovations

Business to Business & Business to Customer Partnership : We work on B to B and B to C partnership for products