We have developed modern state of art R & D facility for development of in vitro diagnostics. Our team made up of scientists, technicians and executives who develop prototype and do internal evaluation under CDSCO tests licenses. After protype development, required number of batches of devices are submitted to the testing agencies for final validation. After approval, we apply for license from CDSCO/ FDA for scaling up of the devices.

Rapid Diagnostic Tests for COVID-19

Rapid Covid Diagnostics under early diagnosis and surveillance of Covid-19

Funding Agency: DST-CAWACH Grant Cum Loan, Govt of India

Rapid TB Diagnostics

The early treatment of TB is currently hindered by the lack of rapid, accurate diagnostic tools, especially those that can be applied as a point of- care device in the resource-constrained settings in developing countries. Alternatives do exists, but they either come at a high cost or lack the required sensitivity. Therefore, rapid, economical, and improved TB diagnostic tests are urgently needed. Our proposed TB tests (under development) are rapid (20-25 minutes compared to 8 to 12 weeks for routine culture), low cost/affordable (compared to $20 for Gene Xpert), do not require equipment, they are point of care easy to use tests and only small amount of sample is needed for the test.

The point-of-care test can easily be performed in the doctor’s office without the need to send the sample to the laboratory. Patients presenting with signs and symptoms of TB can be screened with the Test Kit. This test will have great impact on public health by decreasing transmission due to early detection leading to early treatment of TB patients.

Products in pipeline

  1. OstidetectTB™ – Rapid TB antigen Tests in Sputum, Urine, Blood
  2. OstidetectNT™ – Rapid Tests for Neglected Tropical Diseases [Leptospirosis, Leishmania & FILARIASIS]
  3. OstidetectVD™ – Combo Tests for Vector-Borne Diseases
  4. Ovasight™ – Device for Screening of Soil-transmitted Helminth infections in Children and Animals
  5. OstiSickle SCAN™ – Sickle Cell of Anemia

Real Time Monitoring of Child Malnutrition (0- 5 years) Using Smart Scale
Repurposing of drugs or therapies for COVID-19 and MDR TB
Development and validation of a CRISPR-based test for early diagnosis of COVID-19